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Why Magento is a big hit in eCommerce Development?

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Magento is a popular tool to design and develop your ecommerce website. We all know how effortlessly it handles the online site. This article zooms on the dominating features of Magento, and how it has grown to be among the leading Ecommerce development platform.

Isn’t it super easy that when you need a product you search it online, add to your cart and buy it from the eCommerce shopping platform?

The whole system looks magical and amazing!

But what goes behind it, is still a tough nut to crack for many. And here you need experts like Magento eCommerce developers.

Magento is a free platform that makes shopping sites attractive, appealing, and professional. It is favourite among eCommerce development companies in Melbourne. Being one of the dedicated user of Magento software, we can easily say that it has the ability to maximise user engagement, improve navigation and increase sales and exchange rates.

Magento eCommerce developers - Webplanners

Magento is used by over 200,000 retailers- big and small!

Have you been to the official website of nike? What makes you glued to the shopping?

Apart from being a big brand of shoes and clothing, site manages to offer the easy categories, sporty and young web designs, quick payment and tracking the order. What makes the whole process and the look so fine? MAGENTO!

It’s not just the Nike, but even Samsung, Lenovo, Nestle and dozens of others are employing Magento development to use.

But what makes Magento so social?

Why does a customer uses online shopping site? Convenience!

And that’s what Magento does; the top features of Magneto that draws every developer’s attention are-

  • A strong start

When you are new to this online world and want to create your online shopping business, Magento gives you an effective access to reach the customers and influence them with potential features. It’s extremely simple and easy to install and set up the site.

  • Free and flexible!

It’s an open source platform that is very suitable for beginners and allows the developers to change the codes as per their convenience. This customised feature makes it a famous framework where you can tailor shopping carts, payment categories and products.

  • SEO Responsive

The best part of using Magento is the SEO friendliness. It has built-in SEO features for managing sitemap, meta details, Url rewrites and lot more.

  • Mobile friendly Commerce

Have you gone through sites which are too hard to navigate on your mobile? Magento designs sites which are mobile-personalised, opens on all mobile browsers, has clean and user-friendly display and support multi-media files.

  • Tracking, Analytics and Reporting

Apart from custom themes and designs, Magento provides opportunity to track sales with reports of advanced analytics. We can do google analytics, sale and tax reports, product review report and more.

Magento won’t only promise you easiness in the development but also offers several core services-

  • SEO services for the store’s online reach
  • PSD to Magento web development
  • Magento custom theme design and development
  • Magento module development
  • Magento data analysis
  • Magento eCommerce shopping cart development
  • Magento customization tools
  • Magento eCommerce strategy

More reasons to get Magento to business!

  • There is multilingual and multi-currency options to grow worldwide.
  • You get simplified management and organisation of site.
  • It has W3C validated and semantic markups.
  • It allows users to control multiple website and stores with single installation.


There are many eCommerce platforms in the market, Magento is still outclassing them in every category. To whatever size the business grows, it is prepared to adapt and work.

The platform is integrated with n-number of industries from education to travel. Magento eCommerce development company in Melbourne is using it aggressively because of its intuitive administration and super powerful and flexible features helping businesses grow at a budget they want to. So, step ahead and use Magento for your complete eCommerce solution and get chirpy return on investment.

Is your eCommerce Business getting lost in the crowd? Follow 5 Strategies Now!

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Heard of FOMO?

It’s the fear of missing out…

At any point of life, we all have experienced this, even in eCommerce journey. If numbers impress you, then you must know that E-Conusltancy has surveyed large businesses and found 62% of the respondents feel to miss out on the global opportunities.

But the good news is that you can always come out of this problem.

Designing website in a simple and creative process, our Magento eCommerce development company finds that the business can grow if we put in marketing strategies aggressively. While the challenge might seem overwhelming, there are surely ways to improve customer experience, loyalty and ultimately your profits.

As per the data collected by The Enterprise Guide to Global Commerce, global retail e-commerce sales will reach the $4.5 trillion mark by 2021. A nearly three fold lift in revenue, from $1.4 trillion in 2014 is expected.

Ecommerce Website Development Melbourne

If the online business is growing so rapidly, why can’t yours?

Get down to business with the following strategies-

  1. Grow with affiliates- Affiliate marketing is a performance based process where business can enjoy good sales through affiliates and all you have got to do is pay the affiliates, a bit of money called commission. It’s attractive to online store because it grows new traffic, is trackable and can give you better recruitment leads.
  2. Customise the services- Ask any online marketing experts and he would strongly recommend that you let the visitors have the best of experience on your website. How? Bring the right magento commence solutions to the table, and this would personalise the site with the best features- easy product search, payment convenience and minimise hassle.
  3. Tailor the design to target audience- It is attractive to see website well-structured and made to promote the brand. We can’t stress enough on how important it is to hire an experienced and innovative magento ecommerce developers to entice the browsing experience. For example- a travel website must create an impact on travellers through bright scenes and famous attractions of the country.
  4. Invest in social media- A never-failing strategy is to use social media to full power. Employ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube to your best side. Posting on these social platforms has proven to provide more sales that ever.
  5. Educate with visual content- Maybe you don’t spend much time on blogging on your Ecommerce site. That’s not a worry at all! You can draw huge attention of customers through visual ads. You must be knowing that a viewer loves creative images more than plain texts. So, start adding beautiful images with informative content. Be concise and unique in what you put on your website.

Final Thought

There is no end to clever marketing strategies for the business- you can also get mobile ecommerce, add live chats, expand products or optimise site’s speed. You have to really think out of the box and be dedicated to mentioned tips to make your business stay at the top. You can achieve greater profits and be found in this crowd with learning the ropes.

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Easy Competitive Analysis for Sydney Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine Marketing or SEM is an overwhelming process that demands a thorough study of your business as well as the others. Being much experienced on the SEO services in Sydney, we are here to guide you on the most overlooked step in any SEO campaign- Competitor Analysis.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer.’

About 25% of the top performing American companies have a competitor analysis system as Michael Porter (1980) stated that
“ Strategy is about setting yourself apart form the competition. It is not a matter of being better at what you do – it’s a matter of being different at what you do”.

Even though the quote was meant for traditional marketing strategies, now more than ever using a competitor analysis will provide you with useful insight for your next digital marketing strategies.

For our SEO research and digital marketing strategies to be effective, we spend a significant amount of time performing a competitor analysis. We would research to see what they are doing differently on their website, who is competing for the keywords, ad space, and SERP rankings.

The digital sphere is tough and without these insights, it would be a waste of time and money to employ strategies we wouldn’t know would work.

In this article, we’ll learn the most effective strategy to beat the competition and coming out on top.

Why you need competitive analysis?

It’s necessary to have a panoramic view of what industry you’re in, the trends, its performance and what opportunities stand in front of you.

With competitive analysis-

  • You identify your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to your competitors
  • Taking advantage of their weakness and using it as a strategic advantage.
  • You can find keywords that are helping your competitors earn high ROI.
  • You can recognize the high search volume keywords that are used by none.
  • You can grow traffic by gauging the minimum amount of resources needed.

This analysis concept is not as foreign as you think. In fact, we do it all the time when we are buying something-

Here is an example: A customer wants to buy a basketball. they would enter the keywords like: “buy basketball online”, the results are displayed. He opens the website XYZ, compares their options based on their criterium and only then would there be a commitment to buy. You probably do this yourself with other products so why not put yourself on that consideration and sold list?

Experts at our SEO company in Sydney believe competitor analysis to be the nub of understating the market, feeding customers the right service and converting traffic to your site.

How to do competitive analysis?

Now since you have studied the SEO advantage of competitive analysis, you must be looking forward to how to do it-

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get on the right track.

Who are your competitors?

First step is to identify who your competitor is. How you may do this is through keyword researching, such as a simple Google search of the services you provide and see who comes up.

Sometimes you may find competitors that offer the same thing but not in the same way such as their brand identity or the market segments that they are targeting might be different from your own. As a result, to properly compare yourself to your competitor and to have the advantage over them, you need to find one that is very similar to what and how you run your business.

How do you analyse their site optimisation?

Luckily for you we know a couple of websites great for keyword and competitor researching. One such site that we use often is SEM Rush. SEM Rush provides all sorts of reports for you and your competitors business such as their targeted keywords, ranking for them, giving information about the amount of back links and on-site SEO etc. This might be a great start to start comparing what your competitor does differently to you SEO wise and how you work on their weaknesses and make them your strengths.

How is their content?

The easiest and simplest way to find this out is actually visiting their site! When you look at their content look at how they might format and write their content. Then objectively write down what they do well and what they don’t do well. For example, their blog pages look beautiful but their content is shallow and brief.

With this information you can work on their weaknesses by making your blog pages beautiful and then one up your competitor by making your content rich and in depth.

What are they uploading on their social handles?

Next step is to check their social media! If you want to avoid the hassle of searching through each individual social media site, go onto their website and look for the social media icons. It usually indicates the social media sites that they frequent on.

Some things to look for when on their social media is what are they posting? Such as text, photos, or videos mainly. How frequent are they posting, usually indicating how active the business is with keeping up with their social credibility and content creation and lastly whether it is effective. So, you’d want to look at the engagement on each post and the response that it receives, the reviews and the conversations that are occurring.

With all this information you might want to tailor your social media strategy to either follow or differentiate from your competitors. For example, if providing videos for your product is popular on their site, you might want to do the same or follow a different route and offer photos in a unique way. Regardless, the focus of analysing their social media is to see where you can improve on your own and how you can work around your competitors’ weakness to turn it into your strength.

Do a SWOT analysis

A SWOT Analysis the most commonly used technique for firstly assessing your own businesses capabilities but your competitors too. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Strengths and weaknesses refer to your business internally where as Opportunity and Threats refer to the business’ competitor’s capabilities are and how you can capitalise on it or be threatened by it.

Below is an example of a SWOT analysis.SWOT analysis

Source: Investec

A SWOT analysis is not something you do only once and set it aside. Top performing American companies use this tool every time they make a new decision or when they want to reassess their position. It is a great way to structure all the notes you have on yourself and your competitors, allowing you to clearly see what you and your competitors are doing right and wrong.

Why don’t you grab yourself a pen and paper and try it yourself? What are things you feel you business excels at or maybe is lacking in. Now look to your competitors. What are they doing better than you and what can you do to take advantage of their weaknesses?

Final Words

You might be thinking; do I have the time for this?

The blunt truth is – The digital space is competitive and if you want to have an edge over your competitors, you’re going to have to set aside time for this. Otherwise you would be just constantly chasing them or worse yet not even know that your strategies and decisions have no effect on your business growth.

If you can’t afford the time, then let us take it from your hands. You can always get help from Webplanners, the SEO company in Sydney for reliable digital marketing strategies.

Improve your SEO with the glorious Instagram

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Should Instagram be one of the essential marketing platforms for your business? Considering its humongous and mouth-gasping popularity, it is a sure yes! Follow this article by the dedicated SEO company in Melbourne, Webplanners who give you a balance of Instagram and SEO services.

Instagram is an ever growing social media platform that has been congratulated for its customized and easy breezy features. Around 800 million instragrammers are found active on monthly basis.

Wow! That’s a great number.

Now, this is a chance to bring your business in the limelight by reaching out to maximum of followers on Instagram. Even if your business is not cookery show or fashion store and you do not have a profile that is picture-based, you can attract viewers with several features.

  • Keyword-origin hashtags: This new feature makes search easier with entering a particular keyword succeeded by a hashtag. Do keyword research on your business, know what your audience is looking for and target these in your captions.
  • Utilise Business Tools: You must have seen the paid advertising tag; it’s a strong tool that includes impressions, shares, reach, insights and more.
  • Connect with non-profit charity: It’s always good to see a business that is doing something for community, so it’s never late to partner and fundraise for charity.
  • Do smart advertising: There are several options to let people know your exist- buy an Instagram account that already has thousands of followers, use videos to appeal and put stories to personalise your service.

If you look to enhance you business reach, visit the trending SEO Company in Melbourne and Sydney at

Can reducing milliseconds of load time improve website’s ranking?

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Time is powerful and when it’s in business, it’s overpowering all other factors.

Survey says that around 53% of sites that took more than 3 seconds to load dropped down in rankings. Around 90% bounce rate were experienced by sites having 1 to 5s load time and 123% with even greater delay. Forget that, SEO company finds that over 79% of web shoppers hesitate/ avoid going back to such sites which have a mind-numbing and slow working process.

After all, in this fast pace world where network companies are advertising super strong internet connection and speed, it becomes truly upsetting to see such “Sisyphean” category websites (seems like it will never open). And from the time Google has managed to create mobile the aspiring and fresh candidate for ranking, it has been the necessity to balance content quality with page speed.

To make it understandable, loading speed is the amount of time taken by the site to deliver the complete result on the screen. And fortunately Google has also helped us with friendly apps where you can check the website’s performance. This then helps you know the room of gap that needs to be filled with the right techniques.

Why Google gives speed such importance?

Before you know the techniques to improve web performance, we open the good side of a faster loading page-

  • Firstly and significantly, a faster site improves the user’s experience. (14% increase in page views)
  • This gives a boost to organic search. (20%)
  • A faster website’s performance increases the conversion rates. (7% to 12% better than slower sites)
  • Also a part of the brand’s reputation depends on the loading speed. (Ranking increases by an average of two positions)

Want to rank, gain customers and earn sales? Make people happy and the first step to do so is the faster load speed. Why will a visitor stay on your site for 10 seconds or even 6 when they can get even better results in 1-2 seconds?

You’ll be amazed to know that a mobile site which loads in 5 seconds has double the ads revenue that the ones with 19 seconds. Page loading speed is the ‘no more hiding around bush’ concept for online businesses, meaning now people have to deliver the real and upfront features of them to stay top in the market.

1990s the internet time was often said as World Wide Wait. But unsurprisingly internet evolved and opened sources of technology to give an experience that users loved and fell for. Now, web developers and online market has to take advantage of these which they mostly overlook. They don’t know that they have just 5 seconds to engage the customers otherwise they would miss the chance forever.

Best Practices For Page’s Speed Performance

  • You can stop this terror of slow page load by avoiding landing page redirects. These unnecessary redirects that take customers to another site with slightly different URL must be fixed. These cannot be completely put off but you can surely make user’s experience better with lesser delay.
  • Another way is to minify the codes that your page has. Compress them through the right tools and get rid of the unused codes within the lines that take time to load the page.
  • Also whenever you want to attract viewers with images, do it in a better format which is easily loadable not taking much of user’s time, like png and jpeg.
  • Browser caching is good method to make loading hassle free for visitors who keep coming back on your sites.
  • Improve server response time with fixing bottlenecks like slow queries, slow routing or lack of adequate memory.

What are you waiting for?

Website performance optimization should be top priority in SEO services. All SEO Companies always step forward to test the speed, know the optimization budget and analyse the delivery performance for the users to have excellent experience. Remember every time you shave off a load time, you are increasing the conversion rate which indirectly improves your ranking.

Keep learning more on SEO from the blog posts of Webplanners.



How Mobile Friendly Website Effects website On SEO Ranking

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Mobile Friendly Effects Big on SEO

We all are aware SEO Companies worldwide are effectively using SEO techniques to rank website and increase the traffic coming towards the website. SEO Services Melbourne suggests that for more effective searches, mobile friendly website is more important aspect to increase the website ranking. In digital marketing, Google – search engines boost your website ranking when you host mobile friendly website. For negative experience like non mobile friendly experiences, Google actually penalises your website ranks.

  • Google Update about Mobile Friendly sites: As per Google update on 21st April 2015, the mobile friendly i.e. responsive website would just take over the ranking for those who haven’t. This change have affected worldwide related to languages and significant impact on search results. This update has made SEO Services Melbourne think on the part of getting traffic from handheld devices.
  • Boosting sales through Mobile: The mobile browsers are increasing day-by-day. The bottom line is responsive websites are playing major role in getting business to your company and helps to increase it easily. The best examples are eCommerce websites that are really-really making their mark in shopping industry.

At the end, you have to be aware of getting your website checked on Mobile-friendliness tool from Google. With this tool you can get report of your website pages that are indexed to the domain or not and evaluate the page accordingly.

Now, we understand that mobile search queries are highly simultaneously linked to Mobile apps and this turns a boon for your business, when your app is listed in Google play store or in iOS store.

Google’s goal to include these changes will surely have provided better mobile experience for users who are looking for exact information. The important aspect the Google wants to provide in upcoming Mobile updates is to provide a boost in mobile ranking signal. The website those are built on responsive or mobile friendly aspect will not have penalty and face algorithm update consequences. It is high time to switch to the responsive website and this should be taken into consideration by SEO Services Melbourne, so that it gives a motivation for the business owners those are still relying on old fashioned, traditional websites for generating business.

We all are waiting for Google’s next update for boosting mobile friendly SEO ranking in May 2016. To get high website ranking result in search engines, it is now essential and necessity to have a mobile friendly or responsive website and follow guidelines provided by Google. Adding unique content in your website, optimise and wait for the result.


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Webplanners SEO

It is without doubt that the internet has continued to grow tremendously, and therefore, it is here to stay. This has raised the need for startups to employ search engine optimization to reach to the prospective clients. Where your company does not have a SEO strategy, it is likely to lose avenues.

The SEO is a major avenue for directing traffic to your website. Statistics indicate that the majority of businesses arriving at a particular website usually enter through the search engine. This makes various business websites to position themselves to compete for the traffic. Therefore, there is a need for a strategy if you are to increase the visibility of your business online. You can implement some targeted SEO methods, to help your business to reach its potential on the web.

There is a need for SEO solutions that are not only strong but smart. The role of Search Engine Optimization is to help the search engines to crawl, index and rank the web pages in a manner that the target market notices you using some key words that are relevant to the business, product brand and service. Where you apply the correct search engine optimization strategies, you can manage to improve the ranking of your site in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Where your site fails to be listed among the top ten in the search engine results for certain targeted keywords, this is likely to impact negatively on the traffic to the site and thus your overall business. In most cases, all that you will require to do is some minor changes to your site in order for it to be successful. The search engines can provide improvements to your brand’s visibility without the need for splashing on advertisement.

You can use a SEO approach to deliver interactive features as well as media-rich content to your current as well as the potential customers. The content that you have speaks on behalf of your business. Where you develop content that is valuable, it keeps the visitors coming back and this helps you to build a following and therefore, improve the credibility of your business.

Come up with a headline that is compelling and ‘click-worthy’. Think whether it is likely to make the reader to read more. This is usually the first line considered in trying to acquire an exact match. It is important in grabbing as well as maintaining the attention of the reader. You should also interlink the contents that are relevant using the main keyword to improve your SEO ranking. Work also on prominence, which should emphasize on the placement of keywords. The keyword should be used in the first 25 words and later mentioned in the middle as well as the end of the page. You should also avoid leaving the positioning of the keyword to chance. Increase the traffic flow using a research that is conclusive. Therefore, by a good use of SEO approach, it is possible to market your start up business.