Why Magento is a big hit in eCommerce Development?

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Magento is a popular tool to design and develop your ecommerce website. We all know how effortlessly it handles the online site. This article zooms on the dominating features of Magento, and how it has grown to be among the leading Ecommerce development platform.

Isn’t it super easy that when you need a product you search it online, add to your cart and buy it from the eCommerce shopping platform?

The whole system looks magical and amazing!

But what goes behind it, is still a tough nut to crack for many. And here you need experts like Magento eCommerce developers.

Magento is a free platform that makes shopping sites attractive, appealing, and professional. It is favourite among eCommerce development companies in Melbourne. Being one of the dedicated user of Magento software, we can easily say that it has the ability to maximise user engagement, improve navigation and increase sales and exchange rates.

Magento eCommerce developers - Webplanners

Magento is used by over 200,000 retailers- big and small!

Have you been to the official website of nike? What makes you glued to the shopping?

Apart from being a big brand of shoes and clothing, site manages to offer the easy categories, sporty and young web designs, quick payment and tracking the order. What makes the whole process and the look so fine? MAGENTO!

It’s not just the Nike, but even Samsung, Lenovo, Nestle and dozens of others are employing Magento development to use.

But what makes Magento so social?

Why does a customer uses online shopping site? Convenience!

And that’s what Magento does; the top features of Magneto that draws every developer’s attention are-

  • A strong start

When you are new to this online world and want to create your online shopping business, Magento gives you an effective access to reach the customers and influence them with potential features. It’s extremely simple and easy to install and set up the site.

  • Free and flexible!

It’s an open source platform that is very suitable for beginners and allows the developers to change the codes as per their convenience. This customised feature makes it a famous framework where you can tailor shopping carts, payment categories and products.

  • SEO Responsive

The best part of using Magento is the SEO friendliness. It has built-in SEO features for managing sitemap, meta details, Url rewrites and lot more.

  • Mobile friendly Commerce

Have you gone through sites which are too hard to navigate on your mobile? Magento designs sites which are mobile-personalised, opens on all mobile browsers, has clean and user-friendly display and support multi-media files.

  • Tracking, Analytics and Reporting

Apart from custom themes and designs, Magento provides opportunity to track sales with reports of advanced analytics. We can do google analytics, sale and tax reports, product review report and more.

Magento won’t only promise you easiness in the development but also offers several core services-

  • SEO services for the store’s online reach
  • PSD to Magento web development
  • Magento custom theme design and development
  • Magento module development
  • Magento data analysis
  • Magento eCommerce shopping cart development
  • Magento customization tools
  • Magento eCommerce strategy

More reasons to get Magento to business!

  • There is multilingual and multi-currency options to grow worldwide.
  • You get simplified management and organisation of site.
  • It has W3C validated and semantic markups.
  • It allows users to control multiple website and stores with single installation.


There are many eCommerce platforms in the market, Magento is still outclassing them in every category. To whatever size the business grows, it is prepared to adapt and work.

The platform is integrated with n-number of industries from education to travel. Magento eCommerce development company in Melbourne is using it aggressively because of its intuitive administration and super powerful and flexible features helping businesses grow at a budget they want to. So, step ahead and use Magento for your complete eCommerce solution and get chirpy return on investment.


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