Improve your SEO with the glorious Instagram

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Should Instagram be one of the essential marketing platforms for your business? Considering its humongous and mouth-gasping popularity, it is a sure yes! Follow this article by the dedicated SEO company in Melbourne, Webplanners who give you a balance of Instagram and SEO services.

Instagram is an ever growing social media platform that has been congratulated for its customized and easy breezy features. Around 800 million instragrammers are found active on monthly basis.

Wow! That’s a great number.

Now, this is a chance to bring your business in the limelight by reaching out to maximum of followers on Instagram. Even if your business is not cookery show or fashion store and you do not have a profile that is picture-based, you can attract viewers with several features.

  • Keyword-origin hashtags: This new feature makes search easier with entering a particular keyword succeeded by a hashtag. Do keyword research on your business, know what your audience is looking for and target these in your captions.
  • Utilise Business Tools: You must have seen the paid advertising tag; it’s a strong tool that includes impressions, shares, reach, insights and more.
  • Connect with non-profit charity: It’s always good to see a business that is doing something for community, so it’s never late to partner and fundraise for charity.
  • Do smart advertising: There are several options to let people know your exist- buy an Instagram account that already has thousands of followers, use videos to appeal and put stories to personalise your service.

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